Part D: Statements of
Service Provision

Our 10-Year Plan in detail


Our work is divided into seven strategic areas. These areas represent how we work and are driven by our long-term goals for the city as well as the five priorities for this plan:

  • Governance – information, consultation and decision-making, and public engagement, including engagement with Māori residents and mana whenua partners
  • Environment – gardens and beaches, green open spaces, water, wastewater, waste reduction and energy conservation, environmental conservation attractions and the quarry
  • Economic development – city promotions, events and attractions, and business support
  • Cultural wellbeing – galleries and museums, community arts and cultural support, and arts partnerships
  • Social and recreation – libraries, recreation facilities and programmes, public health and safety, housing and community support
  • Urban development – urban planning and policy, heritage and character protection, building control and facilitation, development control and facilitation, earthquake risk mitigation and public spaces development
  • Transport – transport planning and policy, transport networks and parking

In each chapter you’ll find information about the work we do, the reasons for doing that work and our goals in relation to it, any new proposals and key projects, outcomes we are working towards, and our performance targets.

The performance measures outlined in the plan broadly relate to maintaining existing levels of service.