Part D: Statements of
Service Provision

Ngā rōpū e here ana ki te Kaunihera
Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

To achieve our objectives for Wellington, we have established several companies and trusts. These were set up to independently manage Council facilities, or to deliver significant services and undertake development on behalf of the Wellington community.

Where necessary, we provide funding to support their operations and capital investment requirements.

The following pages provide a summary of what the organisations do, their objectives, structure, and how their performance is measured. For detail on the performance measures that WCC will be reporting on, see the relevant chapters in this document.

Wellington Regional Stadium Trust

The Trust owns, operates and maintains the Stadium as a high-quality multi-purpose sporting venue. All of its trustees are jointly appointed by the Council and GWRC.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust owns, operates and maintains the Stadium as a high-quality multi-purpose sporting and cultural venue. It provides facilities to be used for rugby, cricket and other sports codes, musical and cultural events, and other users, including sponsors and event and fixture organisers.

Operates the Stadium

Manages the event programme and seeks opportunities to provide regular quality events

Ensures the Stadium is provided to the community for appropriate usage

Administers the Trust assets and the Stadium on a prudent commercial basis

Total revenue

Net surplus

Number of events

For performance measures and targets, go to the Economic development chapter, from page 64.

Note: The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust is not formally defined as a CCO. This plan for its activities is presented to recognise the interest that Wellington City ratepayers have in the Trust and its activities.

Wellington Museums TrustTop

The Trust, which trades as Experience Wellington, operates six institutions on behalf of Wellington City Council. These are Capital E, Space Place at Carter Observatory, City Gallery Wellington, Nairn Street Cottage, Wellington Museum and the Cable Car Museum. All trustees are appointed by the Council.

Objectives Activities Performance measures

The Wellington Museums Trust (WMT) was established in 1995 to promote and manage the City Gallery Wellington, the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, the Colonial Cottage, Capital E, the Wellington Cable Car Museum and the Carter Observatory (Space Place).

Experience Wellington manages its facilities, establishes exhibition programmes and education policies for its facilities, and develops acquisition, de-accession and collection development policies for its collections and artefacts.

Delivers high-quality experiences, events and exhibitions at its facilities

Manages conservation and care for the objects of its collections, and conduct research and development to enhance visitors’ experiences

Offers quality education experiences to children and young people

Promotes and protect the heritage of venues

Works with national and international artists and collectors

Total visitors to our museums

WCC subsidy per visitor

For performance measures and targets, go to the Cultural wellbeing chapter, from page 77.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA)Top

WREDA combines the economic development activities of Wellington City Council and GWRC into one organisation. Wellington City Council is an 80 percent shareholder.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
WREDA is an economic development agency that brings together the region’s economic development agencies (city tourism, Creative HQ, venues (Positively Wellington Venues), and the Council’s major event activities.

Markets and promotes Wellington as a destination for tourists, migrants, students, businesses and investors

Helps businesses grow and innovate

Advocates for Wellington’s economy

Attracts and promotes conferences, performances and major events

Operates the civic venues

Venue utilisation / number of events

Return on Investment via out-of-Wellington spend (events)

Total event attendance

For performance measures and targets, go to the Economic development chapter from page 65.

Wellington Zoo TrustTop

The Trust manages the Zoo’s assets and operations. All trustees are appointed by the Council.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
The Wellington Zoo Trust manages the assets and operations of Wellington Zoo for the benefit of the residents of Wellington and visitors to the city. It promotes species conservation, educates the community by building an awareness of plant and animal species, and supports the conservation and educational activities of other organisations.

Cares for resident animals and manages the animal collection

Provides a high-quality visitor experience

Participates in captive management breeding and breed-for-release programmes

Develops and maintains high-quality animal exhibits

Delivers educational material and learning experiences

Contributes to zoological, conservation and facilities management research projects

Number of visitors

Average Council subsidy per visitor

Average income per visitor

Maintain carboNZero certification

For performance measures and targets, go to the Environment chapter from page 37.

Basin Reserve TrustTop

The Trust has four trustees – two are appointed by the Council and two by Cricket Wellington.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
The Basin Reserve Trust manages and operates the Basin Reserve to continue to attract national and international sporting events to Wellington.

Manages the Basin Reserve for recreational activities and the playing of cricket for the residents of Wellington

Contributes to the events programme for Wellington

Operates as a successful not-for profit undertaking

Preserves and enhances the heritage value of the Basin Reserve

Provides the home for the NZ Cricket Museum

Number of event days (Basin Reserve usage)

Attendance at events

For performance measures and targets, go to the Social and Recreation chapter from page 87.

Karori Sanctuary TrustTop

The Trust became a CCO on 1 October 2016. The Council has the overall responsibility for appointing members to the Trust board.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
To connect people with our unique natural heritage, and inspire actions that transform how people live with nature in our cities, towns and beyond.

Manages ongoing conservation and restoration work in the sanctuary

Works with organisations and community groups to support local biodiversity

Provides educational experiences

Connects people to New Zealand’s unique heritage

Visitor numbers

Average Council subsidy per visitor

For performance measures and targets, go to the Environment chapter from page 37.

Wellington Cable Car LimitedTop

Wellington City Council is the 100 percent shareholder and appoints all the directors.

Objectives Activities Performance measures
Wellington Cable Car Limited owns and operates the Cable Car.

Maintains the cable cars and associated track, plant, tunnels, bridges and buildings in accordance with best engineering practice, and to meet the certification requirements of the NZTA

Markets and manages the cable car passenger service operation

Cable car passenger trips

Total revenue earned

User satisfaction survey

  • Tourist satisfaction
  • Local resident utilisation

For performance measures and targets, go to the Transport chapter from page 121.

Wellington WaterTop

Wellington Water is owned by the Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington City councils and GWRC. The councils are all equal shareholders and each council owns its respective water, stormwater and wastewater assets.

Objectives Activities Performance measures

To manage the provision of water services (water supply, stormwater and wastewater) to the residents and businesses in the areas served by its customers.

Wellington Water’s customers are Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Porirua City Council and Upper Hutt City Council.

Provides high-quality, safe and environmentally sustainable services to shareholding councils and other customers with a focus on contracted service delivery for the operation, maintenance and ongoing development of drinking water, stormwater and wastewater assets and services, and asset management planning

Provide a reliable water supply, wastewater and stormwater management service

Deliver budgeted capital expenditure projects for its shareholding councils

Deliver budgeted operating and maintenance activities for its shareholding councils

Comply with relevant standards, legislation and resource consents

For performance measures and targets, go to the Environment chapter from page 37. All measures under activities 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 are Wellington Water measures, with the exception of the measure that reads ‘residents (%) satisfied with the stormwater system’, this is measured by WCC through the annual residents monitoring survey.