Part C: Summary of our financial approach

Where the money will be spent

We will invest $2.3 billion over the next 10 years in assets. This investment is spread across a range of activities, with the major spending areas being environment, social and recreation, and transport. In total, we plan to spend $6.3 billion of operational expenditure on delivering services and meeting the costs of funding depreciation of assets and interest from our borrowings.

The following graphics illustrate the proportion of planned expenditure in each of our 8 activity areas. The biggest areas of capital expenditure are transport at 31 percent, followed by environment, and social and recreation at 26 percent and 15 percent respectively. Council, cultural wellbeing, urban development, economic development and governance follow, each with less than 10 percent of the total capital expenditure.

The biggest areas of operational expenditure are environment at 33 percent, social and recreation at 22 percent, transport at 18 percent and economic development at 10 percent. The remaining four areas have 5 percent each or less of the total operational expenditure.

Capital expenditure by activity area

Graph: Operational expenditure our 10-year plan 2018-28 by activity area

Operational expenditure by activity area

Graph: Capital expenditure our 10-year plan 2018-28 by activity area

The following graphic illustrates the 2018/19 rates funding for the service areas the Council provides per $100 of total rates. It shows that the water and wastewater activities are the biggest areas of rates funding, at $13.81 and $13.20 respectively per $100 of rates funding. These are followed by gardens, beaches and green open spaces ($11.59 per $100), community support ($9.47), recreation promotion and support ($9.38), and transport ($7.31). The remaining $35 per $100 of rates funding goes to activities such as arts and culture, public health and safety, stormwater, urban planning and governance.

Where do my rates go?

Infographic: Where do my rates go?